What to expect?

At Calvary Baptist Church

We are glad you are planning to visit our church. If you haven’t been to church in a while or you have never been to church then you may be nervous about your first visit. In an effort to ease some of your anxiety about your first visit here is a short list of things you can expect when visiting our church.

  • When you come you may have some questions. That’s okay. When you arrive you will be welcomed by a person who will do their best to help you with any questions you may have.
  • It’s possible that you may fret about what to wear to church. Let me say first and foremost, don’t fret about what you will wear just come. Men in our church wear suits, polo shirts and t-shirts and women in our church tend to wear dresses, skirts and pants.
  • You may also have concerns about your children. We have a nursery with workers that care for young children and their safety. You may notice that we ask you or other parents to not stay in the nursery unless you are nursing your child. This is because we only want people in the nursery that have had a background check. You may pick up your child whenever you wish, but we do ask that only you or another parent pick up your child. We also have children’s programs that occur at different times and durations for the older kids. Please call 517-543-4028, Monday – Friday¬†between 8am – 12:00, about any other children’s ministry concerns you may have.
  • Most importantly, we are passionate about restoring relationships.¬†We want people to know that they can have a restored relationship with the God of creation. We may ask you about your relationship with God. If you know you need to restore your relationship with God please call us at 517-543-4028 or read this.